Delta features Energy Creation, Storage and Conservation

April 21, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

Delta presenting its latest high-efficiency products and solutions in energy creation, storage, and conservation at the Techno-Frontier 2016 show in Japan, highlighting its battery energy storage solution (BESS) for residential use, which can supply power about 4 hours during an emergency, as well as a full line-up of industrial automation products to enhance productivity. Delta is also introducing to Japan the 21 green buildings it has built worldwide over the past 10 years. This same exhibition of 21 green buildings took the spotlight at COP21 in Paris, as it demonstrated Delta's longstanding commitment to energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Mr. C.H. Ko, executive director of Delta Electronics, (Japan) Inc., stated that with global revenue of USD$7.58 billion in 2015, Delta continuously provides energy-efficient products and solutions for sustainability. Delta’s innovative green technologies have been widely applied in various segments all over the world. For the Japan market, in response to electricity deregulation policies, Delta recently began operating its first proprietary solar plant, the Delta Ako Energy Park, which was built with Delta’s core power technology to generate 4,900,000 kWh of electricity annually from clean energy. Delta also helped realize smart energy management for a residential area of 250 households with Delta’s smart meter system and PV system.

At the show, Delta is presenting its new battery energy storage solution (BESS) for residential use, which is a packaged system (prototype) with a battery capacity of 5kWh and inverter output capacity of 5.5kVA. The new BESS for residential solution can supply power to the average TV, air conditioner, and refrigerator for about 4 hours during an emergency, such as a utility power shutdown. Delta also showcased its full line-up of industrial automation products, highlighting the DOP Series HMIs with screen sizes of up to 15” and the M300 Series compact drives reduced in size by up to 40% for customers in Japan. Delta’s power quality solution and packaging solution aim at fulfilling customers’ needs for energy-efficiency and high productivity.

Highlights of Delta’s showcase at Techno-Frontier 2016 include: Battery Energy Storage Solution: Delta exhibited the new BESS for residential use (prototype) as a packaged system that includes a high-reliability battery bank and high-efficiency inverter. With a battery capacity of 5kWh and an inverter output capacity of 5.5kVA, the system is good to supply power to the average TV, air conditioner, and refrigerator for about 4 hours during emergencies such as utility power shutdowns. In normal situations, users can reduce their base charge from the utility company by using electricity from the system during peak electricity usage periods in a day (Peak Shave).

Applied in the BESS for residential use, the new P140 lithium-ion cells use technology from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and deliver the advantages of fast charging, excellent reliability and long service life in many applications. Delta’s developments in lithium ion cells, standardized battery modules, and complete battery banks enable advanced energy management for a wide range of applications together with its smart meter communication system and home energy management system (HEMS).

Industrial Automation: An enhanced line of automation products and two energy-efficient industrial solutions include the new DOP Series HMI, the M300 Series compact drives, and other recently launched ac motor drives, servo drives, PLCs, and more.

The DOP-B Series HMIs provide various touch screens with multiple dimensions and functions, and the DOP-W Series are large HMIs that come with a high resolution and high brightness touch screen in 10.4”, 12” and 15” sizes. The DOP-W Series are equipped with the latest high-speed processor (up to 1GHz pulse wave) to deliver high performance with rapid response, and their rugged and CE-certified aluminum enclosures with IP65 waterproof front panels protect from vibration and changing ambient temperatures in harsh environments. Both the DOP-B and DOP-W Series offer fast and convenient control functions for industrial automation machines and facilities.

The new MH300 and MS300 Series compact drives have been reduced in size by up to 40%. Both MH300 and MS300 Series support open/closed loop control for both IM and PM motors, and feature built-in PLC, built-in brake choppers, integrated STO and support various fieldbus. The high speed models are available with up to 2000Hz and 1500Hz output frequency. The MH300 and MS300 Series deliver optimized performance and space utilization, easy for use and installation.

Smart Meter Communication System: Integrated with G3-PLC and Wi-SUN communication modules, the system uses data concentrator model SGDC-A12G to collect measuring data from smart meters by one unit via Ethernet, 3G/GPRS, G3-PLC or Zigbee communication module. Its installation situations are easily analyzed by higher systems operated by an aggregator.

"EZQC" EV Charging Communication System: "EZQC" is a new payment collection system for EV charging. With this unique IoT service, users do not require any advance membership but can use an EV charger with a simple credit card transaction through “WebPay”. There is no need for an additional card dedicated to an external terminal or for a network subscription that is bonded to charging service installers or operators. The service not only secures and protects end users’ privacy with no tracking by charging station operators of personal information, but also enables charging operators to create their own surrounding service business. The service provides discount coupons directly to a users’ smartphone and encourages them to visit the shop while charging.

Thermal Management: Delta’s new, energy-efficient electronically commutated (EC) fan, the GT series, provides energy savings of 30%-50% compared to traditional AC fans for industrial and commercial applications. The series offers both centrifugal and axial fan models and can be widely applied in an HVAC system, including ventilation, air extraction, and air handling units.