Delphi Technologies’ Newest EV-Based Products Initiate Industry Expansion

August 28, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Delphi Technologies initiates market expansion of electric vehicle technologies through winning new business with Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Delphi Technologies provides its offerings to its global network of customers with vehicles including internal combustion to full electrical vehicles (EVs); from passenger cars to commercial vehicles. As a proponent and leader of vehicle electrification, the company has sought and won new business in the power electronics space with three market-leading Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).


Image used courtesy of Delphi Technology
Image used courtesy of Delphi Technology


"Investments made in the past two years to expand our global footprint, product development capabilities and manufacturing capacity in electrification and electronic products and systems are paying off with a strong pipeline of new business wins with leading Chinese OEMs," said Richard F. Dauch, CEO, Delphi Technologies in a recent news release. 


A Winning Technology

Delphi made two business wins for its Combined Inverter and DC/DC Converter (CIDD) for hybrid vehicle applications. This component is the first of its kind. It leverages Viper-enabled patented inverter technology, which includes double-sided cooling. This is invaluable for allowing greater output in terms of power even from a smaller package. This is also beneficial for reducing costs as smaller components require fewer resources. Delphi’s state-of-the-art CIDD system integrates the DC-DC converter and software-enabled inverter in one unit to deliver greater efficiency and quality thermal management.

A third business win for Delphi was for a new breed of battery electric vehicle (BEV) developed by the company developed in partnership with Cree, Inc. Delphi’s BEV involves an 800-volt silicon carbide (SiC) inverter which uses SIC-based metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor wide band gap technology. The inverter has double the voltage of typical 400-volt inverters, significantly extending vehicle range, and halving charging times. 


Delphi Technology’s Viper Inverter Power Switch. Image used courtesy of Delphi Technologies
Delphi Technology’s Viper Inverter Power Switch. Image used courtesy of Delphi Technologies


At the heart of Delphi’s inverter technology is the patented Viper power switch. In addition to the double-sided cooling capability, the replacement of silicon with SiC enables faster switching at higher temperatures. In addition to the 800 volts, this “will allow faster, more compact, and lighter motors that offer great efficiency and greater range,” said Dauch. 

Inverters are highly prized among electrical components used in EVs and with the rising number of EVs being sold worldwide (up 57% by 2030) pioneering inverter technology like Delphi’s will be invaluable to market growth. 

Delphi’s Chinese business partners will be able to take advantage of sourcing this cutting-edge technology locally. Delphi has its research and development centers based in Shanghai, Seoul, and Singapore, and set up a new manufacturing site in Suzhou, China.