Darnell Presents New Distributed/Cogeneration Report

March 30, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The Darnell Group (Corona, CA) announced the publication of its new 216-page study, "Distributed and Cogeneration - Volume 1, Technology and Markets: Worldwide Forecasts, Applications and Competitive Environment," which provides a comprehensive analysis of distributed and cogeneration (DCG) market characteristics, including forecasts for stationary fuel cells, which is seen as an important element in the vision of a hydrogen economy.

The five-year (2003 to 2008) forecasts are given in nearly 100 tables, broken down by region (worldwide, North America, Europe and Asia); application (standby, peak shaving, grid support, CHP and standalone); technology (fuel cells, gas turbines, gensets, microturbines, photovoltaics and wind turbines); and power ratings. Pricing forecasts are also given by technology and power ratings. Additionally, 49 DCG system producers are profiled, with industry trends, strategic plans and market share by technology. One appendix identifies the latest alternative energy products for telecommunications.

Despite the sustained growth in some renewable energy segments, the overall DCG market has suffered a downturn as a result of reduced capital spending during the economic recession worldwide. When will the market pick up? How fast? Which technology will prevail? The business and economic driving forces as well as market barriers are discussed in the new Darnell Group report “Distributed and Cogeneration – Volume 1, Technology and Markets.”