CPS Donates Cellboost Devices to Hurricane Katrina Victims

September 01, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Compact Power Systems LLC (CPS, Los Angeles, CA), a manufacturer of Cellboost portable power solutions, is asking any organizations currently assisting the victims of Hurricane Katrina to contact them for a donation of Cellboost™ portable power solutions for cell phones. Victims who have been unable to charge their cell phones would be able to use Cellboost to instantly power their phones and immediately reach out or receive calls from worried family and friends. Cellboost for cell phones have already been donated to Heart with Hands and the Baton Rouge River Center.

"There are people who can't let their loved ones know they are alive because they don't have working cell phones," said CPS Director of Marketing Rodney Rad. "Officials say it could be a month before all the phone lines are up and running. We would like to help people stay in contact with their families and with disaster relief organizations during this tragedy. We are asking any relief organizations who are interested in a donation to aid disaster victims to contact us at 818-702-1108, or e-mails us at [email protected]."

Cellboosts are available for nearly all cellular phone brands from Nokia, LG, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo, Samsung, BlackBerry and Treo. Cellboost allows continued use of a cell phone while simultaneously charging it with 60 minutes of talk time/60 hours of standby time. Inserted into the same portal as a standard ac charger, the device restores power to a dead or dying phone instantly, without using electrical outlets or cords, or changing batteries. The Cellboost units simultaneously power and charge, can be used in one charging session or several, and can be thrown away when the power is exhausted.