ColdWatt Extends Flexible Power Conversion Platforms with PMBus™ Interface

November 27, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

ColdWatt Inc. has joined the Power Management Bus™ (PMBus™) Implementers Forum, declaring its commitment to the industry-standard power control protocol. ColdWatt's modular digital architecture will be easily enhanced to be compliant with the PMBus open communications standard providing system designers with a portfolio of innovative and energy efficient digital power solutions.

The PMBus protocol provides a standard way to communicate with power converters over a digital communications bus. Implemented over the industry-standard SMBus serial interface, the PMBus protocol facilitates programming, digital control and real-time monitoring of compliant power conversion products without the need to burden the host system with multiple protocols.

"As we continue to develop power conversion platforms to address our customers' power efficiency and density challenges, we want designers to have the right system interface options and be assured that our devices are future proofed for new systems," said Dan Artusi, Chairman and CEO of ColdWatt. "As a PMBus adopter, ColdWatt expects to introduce its first products in early 2007 targeted at the server, storage and telecommunications environments."

"We are delighted that an innovative company such as ColdWatt is adopting the PMBus standard," said Dave Heacock, Board Director of PMBus Special Interest Group. "The broad adoption of the PMBus standard allows for a vibrant eco-system that benefits system designers and industry vendors."