CleanSpark and Rejoule Awarded Battery Grant

July 28, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

CleanSpark and Rejoule look to enable the repurposing of electric vehicle batteries for a second-life application.

CleanSpark Inc. is a software and services company that offers cutting-edge software and intelligent control technology for microgrid and distributed energy resource management. Services and products offered by CleanSpark include microgrid modeling software, intelligent energy controls, innovation consulting services in design, technology, and business process methodologies to help evolve and promote business growth. 

Both CleanSpark and clean energy company ReJoule Inc. recently announced the receipt of a grant of approximately $2.9 million from the California Energy Commission. 


 Image used courtesy of ReJoule
 Image used courtesy of ReJoule


ReJoule designs innovative hardware and software that enables real-time health monitoring of batteries throughout their lifetime. ReJoule’s battery management system (BMS) tracks and measures battery impedance which provides a better overall health status and level of battery degradation. After collecting and processing battery data, ReJoule’s BMS is used to create models to maximize energy efficiency while improving safety and battery lifespan. 


The Purpose of the Grant

The $2.9 million dollar grant will be released over the next 30 months between a multigroup partnership of clean energy and technology companies. The overarching goal of the project is to encourage sustainable energy use and reuse of electrified technologies such as batteries used in electrical vehicles (EVs). 

The primary recipient of the grant will be ReJoule, who aims to generate a model on the battery grading process and battery degradation. This will be used to help verify the feasibility of repurposing end-of-life EV batteries for low-cost storage paired with solar photovoltaic systems. If EVs are able to be recycled in this way, this could provide building resiliency and load shifting services for small and medium-sized commercial buildings.


Image used courtesy of Pixabay
Image used courtesy of Pixabay


Not only would the reuse of EV batteries in this way be sustainable for business, but for the environment as well. Extending the product lifespan of EV batteries reduces the need for mining resources used to create them. This reduces environmental and social impacts making for a more sustainable energy storage solution. 

Ford Motor Company Inc. will be providing support for ReJoule by donating used EV battery modules and providing technical support through their labs. Ford’s initiative in endeavoring to promote greener energy use is part of its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emotions as part of a long-term sustainability strategy to achieve carbon neutrality globally by 2050. The grant is a welcome helping hand in driving ReJuole to achieve its goal of creating a “circular economy for EV batteries.” 

In a recent news release, CEO of CleanSpark, Zach Bradford said, there is a need in the market to extend the use of EV batteries.

“The ability to effectively offer lower-cost solutions using second-life batteries not only increases sustainability but it could potentially open up an entirely new market to those who find new energy storage systems cost-prohibitive,” Bradford said.