Clean Air Partners Enters DG Marketplace

October 29, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Clean Air Partners (CAP, San Diego, CA) announced that based on the success of its patented dual-fuel technology for trucking applications, the company is now offering the same benefits for diesel generators. The dual-fuel-equipped genset engines operate on both natural gas and diesel fuel and provide low nitrous oxide and particulate emissions, low first cost, and reduced fuel costs.

Steve Hall, general manager of power systems, stated, "This technology allows us to obtain low emissions levels without after-treatment. In many emissions zones, CAP can retrofit a standby diesel genset and run it as a peak shaver for five times longer than it would be allowed to run as a diesel-only standby unit."

At this time, new and used Caterpillar 3516 systems are available with power ratings of 1,400kW and 1,600kW. Conversions are available for existing installations of Caterpillar 3516 systems. Additional systems and conversion options for other engine types will be available in 2003.