Catalytica Receives $11.2 Million Cost-Shared Contract from DOE

July 02, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Catalytica Energy Systems Inc. (Mountain View, CA) announced that it has been selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) for an $11.2 million cost-shared contract to help fund research and development of fuel-processing technology for use in automotive fuel cell applications.

The 36-month program will focus on developing a compact fuel-flexible fuel processor for use with PEM fuel cells in transportation applications. The intended outcome of the program is to design a 50kW fuel processor capable of converting gasoline and other fuels into pure hydrogen. Catalytica anticipates combining its Xonon Cool Combustion technology and its fuel reformer technology to construct the system.

President and CEO Craig Kitchen commented, "We are gratified that the DOE has recognized the potential of our technology to deliver a fuel-processing solution for the expanded use of fuel cells. Receipt of this competitive award will enable us to build on three years of research and development of fuel reforming and processing technologies. We look forward to broadening the application of our Xonon technology to new markets, and expanding our focus on exciting new product areas for the company."