Cadence Design Systems Expects Cuts in Scotland

April 20, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Cadence Design Systems Inc. (San Jose, CA) announced that it is closing its design services unit in Livingston, Scotland, with the expectation of redundancies. The division employs more than 90 people. Some of the losses will be voluntary, while the company looks to transfer as many staff as possible.

"The situation is that there are three functions in Livingston: infrastructure; research and development; and design services," explained Cadence Vice President of European Marketing Tim Barnes. "Design services are in consultation. We expect there will be some job losses."

The consultation period will last for another three weeks. Launched in December 1997, Cadence's Livingston design services unit promised up to 1,900 jobs in the region for the following seven years. At its peak, the Scottish location employed several hundred staff. The worldwide division, which for a while was called Tality, employed some 1,400 staff in 2001.