Atlantis Solar Announces Installation of Largest Solar Slate Roof

August 08, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Atlantis Solar Systeme AG (Switzerland) announced the recent installation of the world's largest solar slate roof on a former grain store in Berne, Switzerland. According to Atlantis, during the renewal of the roof of the former grain store, the old roofing tiles were replaced by 16,650 SunSlate solar construction elements in an area measuring 2,050 square meters. The solar-slate roof generates around 167,000kWh of electricity under average weather conditions, which is fed into the grid of Berne's electric utility and supplied to green power customers. The solar roof, designed and engineered by Atlantis Energy Ltd., was entrusted to Swissun Ltd. for power generation by the Swiss Office for Federal Buildings. Atlantis' SunSlate building materials combine the function of a normal roof with power generation, embedding photovoltaic cells into the construction materials. Each SunSlate can generate 200kW of power, according to the firm.