Allegro Offers Free Switch-Mode Design Software

January 04, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Allegro MicroSystems Inc. has expanded its power management offerings with the addition of free software for customers of the company's STR-A6100, STR-A6200 and STR-W6700 switching regulator series from Sanken Electric Company, Ltd.

The STR-CAD design aid software is an easy-to-use design tool that allows the user to develop cost-effective, switching power supply designs using Sanken's STR IC series. STR-CAD allows the user to choose one of several topology options, including pulse-width modulation, quasi-resonant, or pulse ratio control.

Users can select from single or multiple output configurations, and the software then guides the user through the process of specifying power supply requirements with default values, automatically calculating transformer details and other component parameters. It provides a simulated operation of the virtual design created. The user may interactively, or automatically, make adjustments in parameters for further investigations.

This software is available for no charge on the company's web site.