Adept Technology to Provide for Fuel Cell System

March 14, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Adept Technology Inc. (San Jose, CA), a manufacturer of automation for the semiconductor and telecommunications industries, announced that Lights Out Factory Automation (Los Angeles, CA) has standardized on Adept robots, vision systems and motion controls for fully automating a fuel cell assembly system developed for Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan). Lights Out Factory Automation has selected the AdeptSix six-axis robot, AdeptVision sAVI Guidance option, Adept SmartModules and Adept Servo kits for Asia Pacific's system. The system will be controlled by a single Adept SmartController.

"Often the commercial success of a new technology hinges upon the development of cost-effective manufacturing processes," said John Dulchinos, vice president of sales for Adept Technology. "We are very excited about Adept's products being selected by Lights Out Factory Automation and Asia Pacific Fuel Cell for integration into their manufacturing platform for the emerging fuel cell market."