Adafruit CLUE – Sensor Development Board with Bluetooth LE

February 24, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The CLUE development board from Adafruit is a sensor-packed development board. It's optimized to build some projects that have a small screen and a lot of sensors. To make it compatible with existing projects, it's the same shape and size as the BBC micro:bit and with the same edge-connector on the bottom with 5 big pads so it will fit into many existing robot kits or 'bit add-ons.

The CLUE is designed for projects that use a ton of sensors - and they're all built in! So, you can start exploring your world, measuring, logging and learning. You can transmit data over Bluetooth to a computer or mobile device for data plotting and logging, or save it to the built-in storage.

Features of the CLUE sensor board include:

  • Nordic nRF52840 Bluetooth LE processor - 1MB of Flash, 256KB RAM, 64MHz Cortex M4 processor
  • 3″ 240×240 Color IPS TFT display for high resolution text and graphics
  • Power it from any 3- to 6-V battery source (internal regulator and protection diodes)
  • Two A / B user buttons and one reset button
  • Tons of sensors!
  • ST Micro series 9-DoF motion - LSM6DS33 Accel/Gyro + LIS3MDL magnetometer
  • APDS9960 Proximity, Light, Color, and Gesture Sensor
  • PDM Microphone sound sensor
  • SHT Humidity
  • BMP280 temperature and barometric pressure/altitude
  • RGB NeoPixel indicator LED
  • 2MB internal flash storage for datalogging, images, fonts or CircuitPython code
  • Buzzer/speaker for playing tones and beeps
  • Two bright white LEDs in front for illumination / color sensing.
  • Qwiic / STEMMA QT connector for adding more sensors, motor controllers, or displays over I2C. You can plug in GROVE I2C sensors by using an adapter cable.
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE or CircuitPython

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