ABB and Taiga Partner on Electrification

November 22, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

ABB partners with Taiga Motors to help push forward the adoption of electric vehicles across North America and Europe.

ABB partnered with Taiga Motors, a company pioneering electrification of recreational vehicles for sports. ABB’s role in the partnership will be a supportive one, where the company will provide its Terra AC wallbox and Terra DC wallbox charging stations for Taiga’s sports vehicles. 


Taiga Motors electric Nomad snowmobile. Image used courtesy of Taiga Motors 
Taiga Motors electric Nomad snowmobile. Image used courtesy of Taiga Motors 


Working Toward a Zero-Emission Future

Canada-based Taiga Motors are bringing the world a new sporting experience through the development of the first electric snowmobiles and watercraft. Performance and power are essential elements for riders in the recreational sports industry. 

Taiga’s partnership with ABB will enable it to provide reliable, smart, and efficient charging solutions for its customers. Access to ABB’s weather resilient charging stations will offer convenience to riders of e-sports vehicles in harsh environments such as cold mountainous backcountry, ski-resorts, and in other environments like marinas, and lake- or sea-side resorts. This ease of availability that has been provided by ABB, is hoped to encourage greater adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across North America and Europe. 

In a recent news release, Samuel Bruneau, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder at Taiga Motors provided his view: “We envision a future where riders can explore the great outdoors without transporting fuel. Renewable powered batteries can be placed in remote areas to provide off-grid charging, so adventurers can simply plug in and go further than ever before.”


ABB and Taiga Partner on Electrification Fig2
ABBs Terra DC wallbox. Image used courtesy of ABB 

ABB’s Terra AC wallbox offers a space-saving design, ease of installation, a high-level of safety, and ease of connectivity through Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G variants, OCPP1.6 and more. The wallbox can be configured via the App or ABB web portal. ABB’s Terra DC wallbox has been developed with leading electrical vehicle manufacturers to support present and future EVs with high-voltage charging. 

The Terra DC wallbox offers an ultra-compact footprint, built-in connection to the ABB Ability platform, built-in safety. ABB has sold over 17,000 DC fast chargers globally. The company’s venture into off-road vehicle charging is another stepping stone along the path to sustainable transportation and a step forward to its ‘Mission to Zero’ initiative. ABB’s initiative is a carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient ecosystem for industry, homes and cities. 

“We are excited to play an integral role in making the rollout of the world’s first off-road vehicles a success while reinforcing our commitment to sustainability,” said Frank Muehlon in the same news release. Muehlon is Head of ABB’s global business for E-mobility Infrastructure Solutions.

Taiga will start delivering its electric snow mobiles during this winter season and its Orca electric personal watercrafts from spring next year.