3D Silicon™ Li-ion Battery to Deliver over 900Wh/l and 500 Cycle Life

February 14, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Survey after survey has revealed that the number one consumer wish for their smartphone and other mobile devices is better battery life. Enovix claims it is on track to fulfill that wish by early 2020 with a smartphone-size battery that incorporates a high-capacity silicon anode to deliver over 900 Wh/l energy density with over 500 cycle life.

The company is currently sampling its prototype 3D cells with leading mobile product producers. The feedback regarding energy density and cycle life from prospective customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and Enovix is negotiating joint development agreements for specific products with several global OEMs.

The company expects to equip its initial battery fabrication facility (Fab 1) in early 2019 and begin production of its 3D Silicon lithium-ion rechargeable battery for smartphones, wearables and high-performance notebook computers later this year for commercialization by early 2020.

The Enovix 3D cell increases energy density, over that of a conventional Li-ion battery, by up to 80% for wearable devices and 30% for smartphones.

"We have worked over a decade to develop our 3D cell architecture from concept to the threshold of commercialization," said Enovix co-founder and CEO Harrold Rust. "To our knowledge, no other company has developed a lithium-ion cell with a 100% silicon anode that achieves this combination of high energy density and long, full depth-of-discharge cycle life."

Enovix is currently evaluating and procuring equipment for its initial fabrication facility (Fab 1). Concurrent with this activity, the company is negotiating with several global OEMs to develop and qualify cells for their next-generation mobile products and to reserve Fab 1 production capacity.

Enovix expects to secure commercialization partners for its 3D Silicon™ lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for the smartphone, wearables and high-performance notebook computer markets by the end of the year and to begin full-scale production from its Fab 1 to address these markets in 2020.

Enovix is backed by strategic relationships with Intel, Qualcomm and Cypress and over $150 million in venture, strategic and private funding.