3D Nano Batteries LLC to be Unveiled

March 26, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

3D Nano Batteries LLC (3DNB), a research and development company commercializing next-generation battery systems, will be unveiled at the Wall Street Green Summit in New York. The company is opening its next round of financing to outside investors. The company creates new battery products with its novel patented Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT) and scalable manufacturing process for integrating these materials into existing battery products.

Its technology can deliver significant improvements in energy storage, power density and re-charge capabilities. The company believes this will redefine industry standards by boosting power density and reducing costs dramatically for nano batteries and capacitors. The initial markets are cell phones, laptops and tablets, for which a new division (CLT Nanobatteries) is being formed for investors.

3DNB is the parent company that holds the global licensing rights to utilize this state of the art and industry leading multi-wall carbon nanotubes for battery field of use. Their next generation technology is the only commercially scalable three-dimensional (3D) Carbon "NanoSponge"â„¢ material in the world for battery and capacitor use applications.

The form-like "sponge" has incredible thermo-electrical properties that advances three dimensional electrodes to dramatically boost energy and power performance in cells with the safety of negligible heat transfer. This revolutionary battery form factors and performance across multiple industries including the EV market, power tools, medical devices and the emerging "wearables" market given the unprecedented flexibility of NanoSponge battery material "formed" with new product lines.

This licensing business model gives investors the opportunity to finance the first of many potential battery subsidiaries with this initial investment in the company to launch 3DNB CLT division for an equity stake.

Through establishment of the 3DNB Lab Center, the company will work with industry leaders in the battery sector to provide new battery product prototypes and solutions for environmental sustainability problems globally through the use of innovative and scalable nanotechnologies for a greener world. The company has a considerable amount of interest from leaders in the field to sample the materials, with target markets estimated to be in excess of $2 billion.