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XP Power’s 10 New LCE80 Members Offer Low Cost, Open Frame Power

June 15, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

With no forced air cooling required, the fan-less units are aimed at applications where audible noise would be problematic

The LCE80 series from XP Power (XP) includes ten models. Each unit operates from single-phase inputs ranging from 90 to 305 VAC. They are single output devices, with voltage outputs available over a selection of 5.0 to 54.0 VDC.

The LCE80. Image courtesy of XP

The ten members of the LCE80 series are convection cooled and can attain efficiency levels as high as 90%. When operating at 50 watts or higher, the power supplies meet the harmonic Class C limits required for lighting applications. 

These units comply with the limited power source (LPS) requirements for 12V and above. This reduces the risk of electrical shock or fire. The series members offer protections for short circuit, overvoltage and overload protection.


The Ten Members of the LCE80 Series

The available models in the series include the following members:

The ten members of the LTE80 series. Image courtesy of XP’s datasheet

The ten members of the LTE80 series. Image courtesy of XP’s datasheet

XP notes that minimum average efficiencies are measured with an input voltage of 230 VAC at 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% of the maximum 80W load.


Class I and Class II Power Supplies

Members of this series can function as either Class I or Class II power supplies

As described in an XP blog:

  • Class I - User protection from electric shock hazzard is attained through a combination of protective ground and insulation.
  • Class II - Protection from electric shock is provided via two levels of insulation.

Within the datasheet, XP describes how these devices can be configured to operate in either mode.


Input Specifications

The units can accept AC inputs from 47 to 63 Hz, and the no-load power input is 0.5 watts. The inrush current, at full load conditions, is 0.8 amps with a 115 VAC input voltage, and 0.42 amps with 230 VAC. The maximum earth leakage current is 400 µA.


Output Characteristics

Initial set accuracy is ±0.5% (typical) at 50% load and at either 115 or 230 VAC. Output voltage adjustment is typically ±10%. There is no minimum load required.

At full load, the maximum start up delay is 2 seconds. Typical hold-up time at full load is 20 ms. After a 20 minute warm up drift is ±0.02%. Line regulation is ±1%, as is load regulation, subject to conditions.

Transient response is 4% maximum. For either a 50-75% or a 75-50% load step, recovery to within 1% occurs in less than 500μs 



  • Lighting
  • Displays
  • Industrial uses
  • Information Technology (ITE)



  • LCE80 power supplies are available in 4” x 2” x 1.1” open frame packages
  • The power supplies operate over a 40 to +70 ℃ temperature range. At a temperature of 50℃, the output current output derates linearly from 100% down to 50% of maximum at 70℃


Regulatory and Safety

EMC emissions:

  • EN55032
  • EN55015
  • EN61000-3

EMC immunity:

  • EN55035
  • EN61547 

ITE Safety:

  • EN/UL/IEC62368-1

Lighting and Displays

  • EN61347-1
  • UL8750