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Unipower Announces the TMN Series Power System Front Ends

February 20, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Unipower Corp. (Coral Springs, FL) recently announced the TMN Series power system front ends. The series provides up to 3,000W at 24Vdc, 28Vdc or 48Vdc for distributed power systems. The power system consists of up to three 1,000W hot-swap modules in a 2U (3.4") high rack mount. The unit can be operated as either a 3,000W non-redundant or 2,000W redundant power system. The output voltage is adjustable over a +/-10 percent range. An optional 3U (5.2") high rack holds up to five hot-swap modules in a vertical configuration, and provides up to 5,000W output.

The TMN Series modules feature a 5.5W per cubic inch power density, a integral output isolation diode, two cooling fans and a highly reliable hot-plug connector. The devices have input PFC to 0.99, meet EN61000-3-2, and have a Class A or Class B EMI input filter available.

Other features include ac power-good and dc power-good LEDs, together with the output-voltage adjustment potentiometer on the front panel. Control and monitoring signals include ac power-good, dc power-good, current monitor, remote output adjust, remote enable, module present and remote sensing. The modules also have a zero-minimum load requirement, constant power-limiting overload protection, and an independent 5V, 100mA auxiliary output for powering external control circuits.

In OEM quantities, pricing for the TMN Series is $461 each for the hot-swap modules and $339 for the mating rack.