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TI Introduces 60V, 2.2 MHz DC-DC Converter For Automotive Designs

May 05, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) introduced an automotive-qualified dc-dc step-down converter that offers a leading combination of high voltage up to 60V, a switching frequency up to 2MHz, and ultra-low quiescent current of 65µA in a small, monolithic package.

The first in a family of automotive-qualified dc-dc controllers and converters, the TPS54362-Q1 converts an unregulated input voltage to a fixed lower output voltage to power automotive applications, such as infotainment, navigation systems, and power supply for electronic control units. According to TI, the TPS54362-Q1 allows designers to reduce overall solution size, cost and design complexity when compared to discrete solutions.

Among the key features and benefits: support for transients up to 60V and a wide input voltage range of 3.6 to 48V protects the system; up to 2MHz frequency allows for smaller size external components, saving valuable board space and reducing overall solution cost; ultra-low quiescent current of 65µA and standby mode ensures less battery drain from the vehicle battery, resulting in longer battery life; and integrated voltage supervisor to help monitor system performance.

The TPS54362-Q1 is available now in a HTSSOP-20 package. The TPS54362-Q1 is priced at $2.75 in quantities of 1,000.