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Thick-Film Power Resistors Handle up to 50W

January 07, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Bourns has introduced the new model PWR221T-50 Series High Power Thick Film Resistors. This series comes in a compact TO-220 package.

It features thick film on ceramic technology that offers the advantage of low inductance and can absorb power up to 50 Watts when correctly mounted to a heat sink. Bourns supplies a wide range of PWR series high power resistors in DPAK, D2PAK, TO-247, and TO-220 packages.

The new PWR221T-50 Series through-hole, radial-leaded resistor comes with a wide resistance value ranging from 20 milliohms to 130 kiloohms and has resistance tolerance options of either 1 % or 5 %. Bourns constructs these resisters with a thick film resistive element on a white alumina ceramic substrate for contact with a heat sink that is electrically isolated from the resistive element.

Bourns® PWR221T-50 models are suitable for current limiting, current measurement, and capacitor discharge applications. The device can be designed into industrial and telecom applications including test and measuring equipment, motor drivers, rectifiers, and power supplies.

Bourns says this new resister complements the other circuit conditioning components that Bourns offers including power inductors and rectifier diodes.

The component features tinned copper pins and features an epoxy housing. Its flamability conforms to UL-94V0, and it has a moisture sensitivity level of 1. The device also has an ESD Classification (HBM) of 3B.

Bourns' series of high-power resisters are for a range of currents from 25W up to 100W. The PWR221T-50 resistor has a resistive power rating of 50W, and it measures 10.41 by 16.26 by 3.18 mm. The new ROHS compliant component is available from Bourns' distributors.