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TDK Debuts a Series Of Power Supplies Delivering 5, 10, or 15 Kilowatt Outputs

February 22, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The programmable AC/DC units offer 50, 400 or 500 VDC outputs and are offered in 1U, 2U and 3U high 19 inch rack-mount packages

The new G50, G400, G500, GSP50, GSP400 and GSP500 units are compatible with the existing members of the company’s  TDK-Lambda’s GENESYS+ series. They operate from three phase AC power over input ranges of 170-264, 342-460V or 342-528 VAC. The series as a whole features models whose outputs range from the new 15 kW device down to a 1 kW unit.

Image courtesy of TDK-Lambda UK
Image courtesy of TDK-Lambda UK


The new GENESYS+ products can operate in a constant power mode, or they they can seamlessly switch between constant current and constant voltage modes. 

The units are designed to be connected in parallel if greater power is needed. As of this writing, systems of up to 60 kW total are possible. The advanced master/slave system allows paralleled units to present ripple and noise characteristics and dynamic load responses that approximate those of a single unit.

In some cases, the units can even be connected in series if higher voltage is required


Specifications and Features

TDK-Lambda provides a complete datasheet for GENESYS+ series that provides extensive details. Some highlights include: 

  • Active PFC, typical 0.94
  • User selectable auto start or safe start
  • Programmable Slew rate control
  • High Resolution 16 bit ADCs and DACs 
  • Forced air cooling is affected via internal fans, whose speeds are controlled by load and ambient temperature
  • Air flow is from front panel to the power supply’s rear, enabling zero stacking
  • Typical efficiencies are in the range of 90%



All members of the GENESYS+ series are programmed in the same manner. 


Provided standard

Programming can be achieved directly through front panel controls or remotely through LAN (LXI 1.5), USB 2.0 or RS232/485. There is also isolated analogue control and monitoring (0-5V, 0-10V) which is provided as standard. 


Optional Interfaces

These include GPIB (IEEE488.2) or the Anybus CompactCom interface platform for EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP. Other interface options are expected.


Software Offerings

These include the needed drivers. There is also a power waveform creator. The software package also includes a virtual front panel GUI.


Safety Features

Safety features are standard across the GENESYS+ series. These include Safe/Auto Re-Start as well as Last Setting Memory.



The new power supplies are targeted at:

  • Manufacturing and process control
  • Testing electric vehicle (EV) powertrains
  • Testing automotive sub-systems
  • Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers employed in hydrogen production
  • Aerospace & Satellite Testing
  • Semiconductor Processing and Burn-In
  • Medical Imaging


Physical Considerations

  • The new 5 kW unit weighs in at under 7.5 kG
  • The 10 kW unit weighs less than 15.5 kG
  • The 15 kW unit weighs less than 23.5 kG
  • Snap-on dust filters are available to retard airborne contaminants
  • To restrict unwanted access, a blank front panel option is available


Regulatory and Environmental Concerns

  • Compliant to IEC/EN 61203-3 for EMC immunity and for conducted and radiated EMI
  • CE Mark for Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS 3 directives