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Silicon Laboratories Announces the Si3210 ProSLIC Analog Interface

January 23, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Silicon Laboratories Inc. (Austin, TX) recently announced the Si3210 ProSLIC. The company claims the ProSLIC is the world's first integrated CMOS analog telephone interface.

According to the company, the device integrates the subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC), codec and dc/dc converter controller into a single CMOS integrated circuit, providing 30-percent cost savings and 50-percent board-space reduction compared to traditional multi-chip bipolar solutions.

The ProSLIC is designed to be programmable to meet global telephony standards, allowing single designs to be implemented worldwide for a variety of short-loop applications, including cable telephony, wireless local loop, private branch exchange, voice over Internet protocol and Integrated Services Digital Network terminal adapters.

"Silicon Laboratories is pleased to extend our unparalleled technology and global programmability into the subscriber side of the telephone circuit," stated David Bresemann, director of marketing for Silicon Laboratories' Wireline Products Division. "With our silicon DAA solution on the terminal side and ProSLIC on the subscriber side, Silicon Labs serves both ends of the telephony loop, dramatically reducing board-space requirements, power consumption and overall systems cost."

In quantities of 10,000, pricing for the ProSLIC family starts at $4.49 each.