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Silego Technology Introduces Tiny GreenFET 2 Load Switches

January 02, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Silego Technology, Inc. announced a family of GreenFET 2 "GFET2" Dual Channel 17 mΩ MOSFET load switches rated up to 4.5A per channel. The SLG59M237 and SLG59M247 are capable of switching 1 to 5V power rails and are more cost effective than comparable discrete MOSFET solutions.

The GFET2 integrated MOSFET process allows Silego to achieve unmatched size and performance level in standard TDFN plastic packages for load switching applications. Silego keeps cost low by continuously using the same advanced packaging technology for all of our high volume product lines resulting is super cost competitive products. There is no cost or technical reason to put up with the expense of discrete P-channel MOSFETs or the complexity of N-channel MOSFET power switching. The average PCB area savings is often greater than 90% when using a Silego load switch vs. a discrete MOSFET, ramp control components. The reliability improvement and component reduction are added benefits.

The SLG59M237/47 are extremely easy to use and in full production today. These products are targeted at servers, routers, switches, industrial equipment, set top boxes, game consoles, tablets, notebooks, automotive applications, and even smart phones. A Silego GFET2 product should be considered anywhere there is a need to soft switch a power rail between 1 to 5V with a max current rating below 4.5A.

"Silego’s GreenFET 2 Load Switches are small at only 2 x 3mm and extremely cost effective. Our pricing is typically 30% lower than integrated load switches available on the market today as our cost structure targeted discrete implementation. As high volume manufacturers have already adopted the GFET2 technology we are now able to offer this technology to the broader market", said John McDonald, Vice President of Marketing at Silego. "The success of the GreenFET 2 family builds on Silego’s corporate goal of providing CMICs that reduce component count, simplify design, while saving power and board space".

GreenFET 2 load switches are full featured. The CMOS level on pin allows direct connection to most ASICs as the device will turn on with any voltage above 1.2V in a smooth fashion. An external capacitor maybe used to adjust the ramp rate of the power rail turn on. Once the part is on, over-current limit and automatic thermal shutdown circuits provide added power rail and overall system protection often not present in discrete solutions. In addition, the parts contain an automatic power rail discharge option at power off.

The SLG59M237/47 load switches consume <1 µA when not actively switching. Active current consumption is less than 100 µA. These energy saving features and low Rds(ON) allow Energy Star requirements to be more easily met. GreenFET 2 MOSFETs are not used for dc-dc converter FETs or other fast MOSFET switching applications.

GreenFET 2 load switches are offered as the SLG59M237: dual 4.5 A channels with 17 mΩ Rds(ON); SLG59M247 dual 3A channels with 17 mΩ Rds(ON).

GreenFET 2 products are priced at $0.18 for 100kU.

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