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Sensitron Develops New 200V Silicon Schottky Die

January 26, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Sensitron Semiconductor (Deer Park, NY) announced it has developed a new 200V Silicon Schottky die with nearly ideal forward and reverse characteristics. The PtSi barrier diodes are fabricated by using a unique simultaneous diffusion and reaction technique. A 125 x 125 sq. mil. die typically has Ir=80nA at Tj=25 degrees C and Ir=1.8mA at Tj=175 degrees C, both at If=15A.

The chips are claimed to have significant advantages over conventional Ultra Fast PN junction rectifiers, in that they have much lower Vf at comparable current levels and much faster reverse recovery time. The diodes also boast comparable or even higher temperature leakage ratings which enable them to operate at junction temperatures as high as 200 degrees C.