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ROHM Says New MOSFETs Have Industry-best TRR

May 09, 2022 by Gary Elinoff

The seven 600 V members constituting the new R60xxVNx series deliver their industry-leading reverse recovery times (trr), ROHM says, via faster body diodes.

Looking to enhance efficiency in high-power applications, ROHM last Thursday announced the addition of seven new devices, the R60xxVNx series, to its established PrestoMOS family of 600 V super junction MOSFETs, which stand out for their low ON resistances and quick reverse recovery times (trr). The fresh n-channel units sport reverse recovery times in the range of 105 ns, typical of ROHM’s previous R60xxYNx series of 4th generation super junction MOSFET devices, while reducing RDS(ON)s by as much as 20%. 


PrestoMOS FETs have significantly reduced trrs. Image [modified] used courtesy of ROHM


As illustrated by the area in red above, those PrestoMOS perks lead to significant power savings over standard super junction devices, illustrated in blue.

Because of the basic geometry of super junction semiconductors, lowering RDS(ON)s and maintaining reverse recovery time (trr) specifications are antagonistic targets. ROHM managed this difficult feat by miniaturizing, enabling the R60xxVNx series’ new members to reduce switching losses by approximately 17% when compared to other solutions.


The Seven New Devices

The seven new additions to the PrestoMOS Family sport a typical gate threshold voltage of 5.5 V and can tolerate a maximum of ±30 V.

The PrestoMOS Series’ inner circuit. Screenshot used courtesy of ROHM 


In the sections below, we present some of the most important features particular to each device, with most subject to conditions. Additionally, as there is far too much information to provide a comprehensive overview here, links are included to the pertinent datasheets.


The R6018VNX

The R6018VNX is available in a TO-220FM package and can dissipate up to 61 W. Continuous and pulsed drain currents are 10 A and 54 A, respectively. Typical RDS(ON) is 0.18 Ω, trr is 68 ns, and total gate charge (Qg) is 27 nC.


The R60224VNX and the R60224VNX3

The R60224VNX and the R60224VNX3 both sport ON resistances of 0.130 Ω and reverse recovery times of 80 ns. 

Table 1. R60224VNX and R60224VNX3 — Further Specifications
Part Number Package Drain Current Power Dissipation
R60224VNX TO-22FM Continuous Pulsed 70 W 
13 A 72 A 
R60224VNX3 TO-22AB 24 A  72 A  245 W 


The R6035VNX and the R6035VNX3 

The R6035VNX and the R6035VNX3 share typical RDS(ON)s of 0.095 Ω, and reverse recovery times of 92 ns.

Table 2. R6035VNX and R6035VNX3 — Further Specifications
Part Number Package Drain Current Power Dissipations
R6035VNX TO-220FM Continuous Pulsed 81 W 
17 A  105 A
R6035VNX3 TO-220AB 35 A  105 A 347 W 


The R6055VNZ4

The R6055VNZ4 features typical reverse recovery times and RDS(ON)s of 112 ns and 0.059 Ω, respectively. Ensconced in a TO-247AD package, this device can dissipate up to 543 W. Its continuous drain current capacity is 55 A, and 165 A pulsed.


The R6077VNZ4

This SJ MOSFET features a typical trr of 125 ns with an RON of 0.042 ohms, and is sold in a TO-247AD package. Of all the new devices, the R6077VNZ can dissipate the most power at 781 W. The device can handle 231 A pulsed, and 77 A continuously.


Looking Ahead

ROHM intends to continue expanding its super junction MOSFET offerings, the company said, and will target further reductions in power waste and electrical noise generation. 



  • Consumer white goods
  • Motor drives
  • Servers 
  • Solar power inverters 
  • Uninterruptible power supplies 
  • EV charging stations


Environmental Compliance

  • Pb-free plating; RoHS-compliant 
  • Halogen-free mold compound 


Physical considerations

The new devices operate over a -55 to +150 ℃ junction temperature range.

Feature image used courtesy İsmail Enes Ayhan/Unsplash