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Rack-Mounted Supply Powers Global Data Centers

November 18, 2023 by Mike Falter

The Eaton G4 rack power distribution unit is designed for flexibility and versatility to accommodate the wide-ranging rack power needs of global data centers and edge processing facilities.

Global power management company Eaton has released its G4 rack power distribution unit (PDU), designed to meet the diverse power needs of global data centers and edge processing facilities. The G4 platform allows data center operators to implement a common rack-mounted power management solution across global facilities. The result is a rack power system that is easier to design and operate while reducing costs.


Data center facility.

Data center facility. Image used courtesy of Eaton


The G4 rack PDU can accommodate up to 23 kVA of single or three-phase power delivered through up to 48 power outlets serving individual data processing loads.

A slim form factor allows for vertical installation of the PDU in server racks, making it easy to plug in rack processors. Integrated networking capabilities and software enable intelligent management and remote monitoring of server power systems.        


Growth of Data, Data Processing, and Data Centers

As the demand for data and data processing grows exponentially, so does the need for more data centers to perform these complex computations. The growth in “big data” is largely the result of a multi-decade trend toward more device connectivity, increasingly pushing data storage and processing from local edge computers to powerful cloud servers in remote data centers.

The demand for centralized computing resources has been further accelerated by the recent growth and popularity of AI (artificial intelligence) applications that require enormous processing power to sift through the large data sets needed for algorithm development.

As the scale and scope of data centers and cloud computing infrastructure increase, so do the operational complexities. According to Richard Varela, Global Product Manager of Eaton, the growth in high-performance computational infrastructure has necessitated more versatile approaches to powering global data centers, and the G4 rack PDU was designed with these needs in mind.  


G4 Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Aside from pure power delivery, versatility is a key attribute of the G4 PDU. The platform comprises 30 unique models with both corded and universal input variants that can deliver up to 26 KVA of single or three-phase power in 208 V and 240/415 V environments.


Installing the vertically mounted G4 rack PDU.

Installing the vertically mounted G4 rack PDU. Image used courtesy of Eaton

To supply power to the PDU, models within the family can accommodate up to 17 types of removable input cables with up to 15 different plug types, simplifying deployment across geographies. Versatile C39 outlets accommodate C20 and C14 plugs with 15 or 20 A ratings to power rack server loads.    

The high-density PDU is 0U vertically mounted and provides 24, 42, or 48 evenly distributed standard NEMA outlets on a 42U chassis. Color-coded outlet banks and circuit breakers facilitate load balancing.

A hot-swappable gigabit network module (GNM) with integrated LCDs allows software-driven reporting, system alerts, and remote management. GbE ports support cascading up to 40 units from the same network port. 


UPDU universal input to supply power.

UPDU universal input to supply power. Image used courtesy of Eaton

A software user interface allows for precise monitoring of power used by the PDU. With metered units, power is monitored at the breaker level, while managed units allow power monitoring at the individual outlet level. Managed units also allow on/off control of individual outlets that can be useful for power cycling and other load management operations.