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Molex Unveils EXTreme Ten60Power High-Current Connectors

January 30, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Molex Inc. has introduced a new version of its EXTreme Ten60Power™ High-Current Connectors. The EXTreme Ten60Power delivers up to 260A per linear inch, representing what the company says is the highest current density available in a low profile connector on the market today.

"We are privileged to receive the prestigious DesignVision award for the EXTreme Ten60Power modules. We have put the ultimate in Molex power and signal design into this product, which meets the market’s demand for higher wattage in smaller spaces," said Ken Stead, Manager, New Product Development, Molex. "The EXTreme Ten60Power blends power and signal contacts in a single low-profile connector housing to achieve the maximum current-to-space ratio."

Featuring tighter pitch signal contacts than the original Molex 24-signal, 3-row (2.54 x 2.54mm) version, the 25-signal, 5-row (2.00 x 1.65mm) modules are suitable for all board-to-board applications. Additionally, the new HDS modules have both solder tail and press fit options, further increasing the design flexibility for customers. EXTreme Ten60Power modules are available in 250 or 600V versions. They have a range of 1 to 10 power blade modules with UL/CSA of 60A per blade and 6 to 40 signals. The robust contact design accommodates ac (7.50mm power pitch spacing), dc (5.50mm) and signal. An array of module options makes the system highly configurable and includes: three different mating lengths – end-mount, top-mount, or side-mount guide modules; voided power positions; and right-angle and vertical mount connectors for co-planar or perpendicular designs. Customers can customize the EXTreme Ten60Power modules to meet individual requirements without tooling costs or long lead-times.

"Solving the power equation on new architectures and system platforms is a major focus for our product development teams," adds Stead. "The modular Ten60Power system packages all the features needed for optimal design flexibility in critical space-constrained applications where power supply and signal integrity are integral to performance."

Molex EXTreme Ten60Power connectors meet UL 1977 current-interruption rating for hot plug applications. EXTreme Power™ products comprise EXTreme Ten60Power, EXTreme LPHPower™ and EXTreme PowerMass™ systems featuring a comprehensive selection of current densities, mechanical envelopes, mating terminations and configurations.