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LTC Unveils LTC4410 USB Power Manager IC

February 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Linear Technology Corp. (LTC, Milpitas, CA) introduced the LTC4410, a USB power manager IC in a ThinSOT™ package, which enables simultaneous battery charging and system operation of a lithium-ion-powered USB peripheral from a USB host. The LTC4410 powers the system load directly from the USB's 5V supply instead of the battery's 3.6V terminal, allowing the battery to charge up to 39 percent faster.

More charging current reduces the battery's charging time and ensures a full charge while the peripheral is connected to the USB host device. By managing the total current consumption, the IC permits a one-cell, lithium-ion battery-powered USB peripheral to charge its battery and operate its system circuitry without exceeding a user-set current limit. Applications include USB-certified lithium-ion-powered devices such as portable printers, digital cameras, cell phones and PDAs.

The LTC4410 ensures that a portable device is in compliance with USB overcurrent specifications by keeping the total current constant from the USB port. The LTC4410's solution is claimed to use 15 fewer components than comparable solutions, and fits into one-fourth the board area. The LTC4410 is offered in a six-lead ThinSOT package and is used with the LTC4053 lithium-ion battery charger for USB applications, or the LTC1733 for general-purpose lithium-ion battery charging.

Pricing for the LTC4410 starts at $1.20 each in 1,000-piece quantities.