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Lithium-Iron Phosphate 6T Format Battery for High-Energy Applications

May 22, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Saft has launched a new product in the Xcelion product line, the Xcelion 6T-E, a high energy lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery capable of providing double the useful capacity of lead-acid batteries in the same footprint. The 24V battery is designed for applications such as military vehicles, rail, marine and hybrid gen sets that require higher levels of storage capacity and longer silent watch periods.

The 80Ah, 2.1kWh Li-ion battery weighs 45-pounds. In addition to the integral Battery Management System (BMS) and battery-level safety features, the Xcelion 6T-E uses Saft’s Super-Phosphate technology, which offers enhanced safety with exceptional lifetime reliability and stable internal resistance.

“The new Xcelion 6T-E battery is perfect for today’s customers who are looking for higher energy levels enabled with smart technologies to monitor applications real-time around the world,” said Annie Sennet, executive vice president of Saft’s Space and Defense division.

“Enhanced safety, high power and compact designs are essential for mission-critical operations in numerous applications, especially in remote locations,” added Sennet.

While designed for replacing lead-acid batteries in military vehicles, Saft’s Xcelion 6T-E is already being used by customers for a variety of applications ranging beyond military ground vehicles to hybrid gen sets and high-altitude balloons.


  • Significant weight savings and life cycle costs compared to lead-acid chemistries
  • Maintenance free
  • Drop-in replacement for current vehicle batteries
  • Commercial off-the-shelf solution
  • Communicates over J1939 CAN Bus protocol
  • Compatible with MIL-STD-1275E power bus


  • Built-in self-balancing
  • Fast charging under varying conditions*
  • Self shut-down in unsafe conditions
  • Internal battery management system

*  For cold temperatures of -32°C and below, the battery can be commanded to self-heat to enable extreme cold temperature discharge. The battery will automatically engage the heaters during cold temperature charging to ensure maximum battery life