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Lambda Electronics Introduces the UltraFlex 1,500W Converter

January 30, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Lambda Electronics Inc. (Melville, NY) has recently broadened its modular products line with the new UltraFlex 1,500W converter, making the UltraFlex Series available in 400W, 600W and 1,500W packages, and the entire modular family available to power 100W to 1,500W application requirements. According to Lambda, the UltraFlex power supplies provide custom-like solutions in a standard product offering.

The UltraFlex 1500, featuring universal input with power-factor and harmonic correction, offers up to 20 fully regulated, independent outputs that can be used as positive or negative polarities. The series also provides users with a full array of system interface signals and controls, including ac power or module-fail notification, global and module inhibit, and active current share. In addition, users can select from 2Vdc to 48Vdc output modules to power any combination of logic, analog or ancillary circuits.

The UltraFlex 1500 provides full operation from 0 degrees to +50 degrees C with 100-percent-rated power on most models. The power supply will shut down in the event of an over-temperature condition (the fan will continue to operate). Applications for Lambda's UltraFlex Series include powering industrial, telecom and computer systems.

According to Lambda, the new 1500W converter is ideal for ATE applications requiring different voltages for numerous testing sections, as well as automation and semiconductor fabrication equipment that require different voltages to power a variety of functions within one system (such as motion control or sensor functions).

"Lambda's modular power solutions are ideal for applications requiring unique configurations and unusual voltages to power devices such as sensors, motors and solenoids, analog circuits, relays, and logic IC power," said Lambda Product Manager Ian Kolker. "The 1,500W UltraFlex converter is a convenient, cost-effective method of decreasing time-to-market because a custom power supply is delivered as fast as ordering a standard product off-the-shelf."

Pricing for the UltraFlex 1,500W converter begins at $0.75 per watt in OEM quantities, depending on the modules and features chosen.