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Keithley Releases Model 2306-VS Power Supply

June 10, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Keithley Instruments Inc. (Cleveland, OH) introduced its Model 2306-VS dual-channel, fast transient, power supply/battery-charger simulator with external triggering, which is designed to meet the evolving test needs of handset and cellular component manufacturers. Measurement functions include voltage, load currents, pulse currents and independent digital voltmeter measurements. The supply offers the user the unique ability to preload voltage setpoints and measurement requirements into the internal memory of the supply while executing commands with simple TTL triggers.

With no waiting for GPIB/SCPI command processing, measurements and voltage level changes throughout a test sequence can be made much more quickly, which can offer significant production speed improvements in applications requiring multiple voltage level changes, such as cellular power amplifier or precision electronic component testing. Additionally, the Model 2306-VS is well suited to applications requiring tight synchronization of pulse measurements, such as testing cellular handsets or other wireless devices.

The Keithley Model 2306-VS dual-channel fast transient power supply with external triggering is priced at $3,495. Delivery is six to eight weeks ARO.