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Intersil Holding Introduces New ICL828 Switched-Capacitor Voltage Inverter

July 23, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Intersil Holding Corp. (Irvine, CA) introduced its latest switched-capacitor voltage inverter, the ICL828. The ICL828 specifically targets LCD applications such as cellular phones, pagers and PDAs. Intersil's ICL828 IC contains all the required circuitry to complete a negative converter. It performs supply-voltage conversions from positive to negative. The resulting negative voltage can then be utilized by LCD applications.

Also referred to as a charge pump, the ICL828 supports an input-supply voltage range of 1.5V to 5.5V, and yields complimentary output voltages of -1.5V to -5.5V. The device utilizes two external polarized electrolytic capacitors that can also be reconfigured to double the supply voltage. Cascading the device also increases voltage output.

"The device operates within the temperature range of -40 degrees to 85 degrees C. A small outline package conserves board space and meets the compact size requirements of hand-held devices. The ICL828 also features greater than 95 percent efficiency and low operating current, making the device ideal for both battery-powered and board-level voltage-conversion applications. The resulting low-power consumption translates into extended battery life for end-user applications," said Tom Bogut, product marketing manager at Intersil. "This device is a key component of wireless, hand-held communication tools and facilitates the visual component of converging communications technologies."

The ICL828 is currently available in a five-pin SOT23-5 package at $0.60 in quantities of 1,000.