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Innovative UPS From XP Power Uses Standard Batteries

January 19, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

XP Power Plc has announced an innovative new series of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that employ a single, standard battery across the range and can be used in stand-alone, rack-mounted, or stacking formats. The Xi on-line UPS features dual inputs to ensure supply integrity, a rotating (back-lit) LCD, Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) connection and intelligent overload protection.

Available in 1.5kVA to 6kVA versions, the Xi UPS uses a modular design to further enhance flexibility in user applications. The Xi Series UPS is designed for a one-person installation and as such no single system component weighs more than 62lbs., making the UPS easy to install and re-locate. The 1.5kVA unit is 87% efficient while the 2.5kVa to 6kVA units are rated as 90% efficient.

The adoption of a single battery for all models ensures availability of supply and simple user configuration on site, while reducing inventory and therefore overall system cost. The flexible, modular design offers inventory savings too, and users can change from stand-alone to rack-mounting or stacking configurations as their needs change. Xi series UPS accept dual mains inputs so that in the event of failure of one mains supply the unit will take power from an auxiliary supply to ensure the battery back-up capability is maintained. The rotating LCD allows users to read detailed functional information with ease, whatever the physical orientation of the UPS.

The 1.5kVA, 2.5kVA and 3kVA units are available with an input voltage range from 80-138Vac (50/60Hz) 115VAC nominal with a selectable output voltage of 100/110/115/120 VAC. The 2.5kVa-6kVA units are also available with an input voltage range from 176-276Vac (50/60Hz) 208VAC nominal with a selectable output voltage of 208/220/230/240VAC. Output regulation of all units is ±2% of nominal voltage and total harmonic distortion is less than 3%.

Electronic load sensing protects the output and fault conditions are indicated both on the LCD panel and by an audible alarm. Each Xi battery module houses two VLRA-type battery packs with a 5-year design life. They take less than 4 hours to re-charge to 90% capacity and are hot-swappable. Monitoring and control is provided via an RS232 interface and the software supplied with the UPS supports all versions of Windows, plus Novell and Linux.

Xi uninterruptible power supplies are NEMA 1 rated and designed to operate in ambient temperatures from 0 °C to +40 °C. The EN60950 approved units meet applicable safety and EMI requirements and are designed and built in XP¹s ISO9001 approved facilities. Xi power supplies are available now. Prices start at $930 each for the Xi1500L in OEM quantities.