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Global Mixed-Mode Technology Debuts G5111A ICs

October 29, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Global Mixed-Mode Technology Inc. (Taiwan) announced its news G5111A micro-power step-up dc/dc converter ICs, in tiny SOT23-5 housings, which feature a limiting current of 300mA and a fixed minimum off-time of 0.4µs. They allow the use of smaller inductors and other surface-mount components, minimizing PCB space requirements.

The chips are suitable for space-constrained applications, including PDAs, hand-held and palmtop computers, digital still cameras, and cellular phones. The devices operate via a supply voltage ranging from 1.3V to 7V, and have a configurable output voltage of up to 35V. Saturation voltage is 200mV. They draw 12µA quiescent current, and consume <1µA on shutdown mode.