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GaN Chip Enables Smallest 100W and 65W 4-Port Chargers

March 18, 2020 by Paul Shepard

CHARGIC aims to set a new standard for mobile device charging with the release of the smallest, multi-device, fast-charging 100W and 65W GaN chargers. Both the 100W and 65W CHARGICs use a Navitas GaN chip. The compact, lightweight and space-saving chip allows for a smaller, more convenient form factor.

And, thanks to its space-saving design, both versions are smaller than any other chargers of the same output standard on the market so that business people and travelers can save weight while still enjoying lightning-fast charging.

With the proliferation of power-hungry mobile devices using the new USB-C protocol, people are finding themselves struggling to keep devices charged up and traveling with the proper cables and adapters. This new charging solution from CHARGIC aims to solve those problems with a set of chargers that are ready for the future.

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CHARGIC comes with three USB-C ports, supporting PD protocol and smart power splitting, which is a first in the world. A single 100W CHARGIC can charge three MacBook laptops at fast speed simultaneously. It also includes one USB-A port, and together, the system is capable of quick charging up to three laptops simultaneously or charging four smart devices of any kind at the same time.

"Today, people need to carry more and more digital devices for work, travel, and entertainment. Although mobile devices have gotten smaller and more powerful, charging technology has been slower to develop. GaN technology, coupled with USB-C and its fast-charging capabilities, represents the next generation in device charging. Now, a single charger small enough to fit in a pocket can provide super-fast, safe, multi-device charging. It replaces bulky OEM chargers and lets users travel light and stay powered up. CHARGIC is the power solution that people need to take them into the future." said Page Guo, CEO of CHARGIC

CHARGIC's convertible and foldable pin design supports 110V to 240V voltages, which can be used everywhere in the world and is protected by an intelligent safety control chip built-in, with protections against overloads, overvoltage, over-temperature and short-circuiting to keep users and electronics safe. For anyone looking to streamline and upgrade their charging capability, CHARGIC is the perfect choice.

The CHARGIC next-generation GaN chargers are currently being introduced on Kickstarter with special pricing, deals and incentives to reward early supporters.