New Industry Products

Flexible Platform for Low Battery Voltage Start

July 07, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

The Powerbox Group will showcase a new series of advanced products and technologies for rail applications at InnoTrans 2016. Designed to reduce time to market and meet specific rail industry requirements, the new technology platform developed by the Powerbox group is extremely flexible to adjust to performance and parameters quickly. First to benefit from this new technology concept is the Powerbox Low Battery Voltage Start Unit which will be presented at Innotrans.

Used to supply on-board electronics equipment when the main battery is below the minimum operating voltage, the Low Battery Voltage Start unit (LBVS) becomes a very important element of the power system, blending the knowledge of high voltage power conversion topologies, safety requirements and optimized power management.

Taking power from the traction-voltage line (700- to 1500-Vdc) the LBVS converts the high-voltage to an intermediate bus voltage of 110Vdc and guarantees a stable voltage from a period of 2 seconds up to 60 minutes and sustains a peak current specific to the application, making each LBVS unique to its environment. Connected to the traction-high-voltage line, the LBVS must comply with high safety isolation and has been designed with this consideration in mind. Extension of the ENR280, the new Powerbox ENAR-LBVS platform has been developed to meet such a complex requirement, shortening time to market for customers designing new equipment or modernizing existing trains.

“Modern equipment embedded in trains require a specific power-up sequence (e.g. checking IGBT isolation, gate activation, security checks) which is done by a computer powered from an auxiliary battery. Due to some equipment or isolation breakers not always turned off, the auxiliary battery can discharge down to its safety level,“ said Martin Fredmark, VP Product Management. ”Without proper LBVS, it is not possible to start the train, making this unit very important for safe operation”

Based on more than 50 years expertise in the railway industry, the Powerbox Group will share ideas and visions on new technologies for demanding rail applications and present the latest generation of standard power modules such as the ENAR150D and future products to power 2020 modern rail and transportation vehicles.