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EOS Offers MLVT60 Medical Switcher Series

April 12, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

EOS Corp. (Camarillo, CA) introduced its new MVLT60 Series, which is claimed to be the world's smallest and most efficient medically certified 60W ac/dc switching power supply. The MLVT60-3000 and MLVT60-1000 internally fitted open frame switching power supplies are half the size and more efficient than any 60W power supply available, according to Eos.The MLVT60 offers power density of more than 7W per cubic inch in a 2" x 4" x 1" footprint, and delivers up to 85 percent or better power conversion efficiency. According to Eos, the industry norm is 68 to 72 percent power conversion efficiency. The Eos MVLT family delivers such efficiencies using convection cooling, which eliminates the need for cooling fans. If forced air cooling is used, the MVLT60 power supplies top 90 percent efficiency and power ratings above 72W.The MVLT60-3000 power supply features three dc outputs with available ratings of 5V at 8A; 12V at 3A; 15V at 2.5A; 24V at 1.5A; and -12V or -15V at 0.5A. For applications requiring a single dc output, the MVLT60-1000 is available with the following configurations: 5V at 10A; 12V at 5A; 15V at 4A; and 24V at 2.5A. Both models operate from universal ac inputs ranging from 90Vac to 132Vac and 180Vac to 240Vac. Overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection features are standard. Designed to meet worldwide medical safety standards established by UL and IEC testing agencies, the MVLT60 power supplies are also certified by FCC and carry the CE Mark for European uses. The triple-output MVLT60-3000 is available in sampling quantities of 1-9 units priced from $121.19 each. The MVLT60-1000 is also available for sampling with quantities of 1-9 pieces priced at $103.01 each.