New Industry Products

Dynaload Intros WCL488 Water-Cooled Electronic Load

August 22, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

The Dynaload division of Transistor Devices Inc. (Randolph, NJ) recently introduced the WCL488 electronic load which uses a water cooling technique for high power dissipation. The load is designed for use within high-current and high-power testing applications, and is considered ideal for automotive, battery, power supply and fuel cell testing requirements.

The full-featured WCL488 includes constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, constant power and dynamic pulse modes of operation. The unit fits within a standard 19 wide equipment rack and may be computer controlled through an IEEE-488 bus or manually using the fully functional front panel.

Additional features include voltage and current limiting, thermal overload protection, user selectable ac input and a low water consumption rate. Up to 10 individual 12kW units can be configured in parallel to create 120kW systems up to 400V, 10,000A. Each 12kW unit is rated at either 0-100V or 0-400V, 0-1000A, not to exceed 12,000W, with larger systems available.

The WCL488 master unit measures 5.25 high, and slave units measure 3.5 high. The unit's compact size and unique plumbing design provide 120kW of power dissipation in a single 48 high rack. The manifold plumbing design allows simple upgrade in the field, with individual electrical inputs and water inlet and outlet connections located on the rear of each unit.

Pricing for the system starts at approximately $1/W with minimal racking and bussing charges depending on the configuration.