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Dual-Lite Offers Single-Phase Outdoor Central Inverter for Lighting

April 23, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

The DL3R Series single-phase inverter from Dual-Lite is offered in 875-and 1750VA configurations is housed in a NEMA 3R enclosure and is designed to provide uninterruptible ac power to lighting luminaires equipped with incandescent, fluorescent, LED, or HID lamps. The units operate from input voltages from 120 to 480Vac 60Hz and produce a 277Vac output.

The DL3R series includes Valve-regulated sealed lead-calcium batteries with a 10 year rated life to provide up to 90 minutes of back-up power. These line-interactive inverters utilize power MOSFETs in the power section and provide a maximum transfer time of 2ms.

When normal utility-supplied power is present, the DL3R central lighting inverter allows utility power to pass through to the connected load and charges the system batteries as required. When utility-supplied power is interrupted, the system will automatically and instantaneously transfer to emergency mode without interruption to connected loads. DC battery-derived emergency power is inverted to ac power and supplied in a pure sine wave output.

A low voltage battery disconnect circuit prevents "deep discharge" damage to the batteries during prolonged power outages. When normal power is restored the system will automatically restart, providing power to connected loads and recharging the batteries. The charging circuit will bring the batteries to full recharge within UL time standards.

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