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Dataforth Debuts Signal Conditioner with Power Supply

October 23, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Dataforth Corp. (Tucson, AZ) introduced its new SCM5B43 and DSCA43 three-way isolated signal conditioner families, which function like hand-held meters with the output going to a data acquisition system and computer monitor or LCD display.

The signal conditioners accept a ±Vdc input (protected to 240Vrms continuous and isolated from ground to 1,500Vrms continuous) and output

a ±Vdc signal that has been amplified, filtered and isolated from hazardous ground loops and voltage transients. The 10Vdc voltage can be used to power DC-LVDT position transducers, voltage doublers and dc/dc converters, and rotary torque sensors.

In addition to three-way isolation, Dataforth's SCM5B43 and DSCA43 general purpose signal conditioning families include an isolated power supply for use in applications or to power any external circuitry, providing 10Vdc at 40mA maximum current.

The conditioners cost $210 each and are currently in stock.