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CUI Introduces 150 W and 200 W DC/DC Converters Aimed at Data Processing and Industrial Applications

March 16, 2022 by Gary Elinoff

The two new series, featuring single isolated outputs and offering efficiencies of up to 91%, join CUI’s established PRQ line.

CUI’s PRQ150W-D and PRQ200W-D series are designed for space-constrained applications calling for high power. The devices are available in quarter-brick-sized packages with fully-encapsulated aluminum alloy cases. 

The PRQ150W-D and the PRQ200W-D both offer several variations on the same core component, operating at 150 W and 200 W respectively, which sport different ratings for output voltage and current.


CUI's PRQ150W-D and PRQ200W-D series. Image used courtesy of CUI


Each series offers isolated outputs of either 5, 12, 15, 24 or 48 VDC, and the PRQ200W-D includes an additional device at 36 VDC.


4:1 Ultra-Wide Input Range

A 4:1 input range indicates that a power converter can operate from a given lowest acceptable voltage to a voltage up to four times higher. In the case of the PRQ150W-D and the PRQ200W-D, the input voltage can be as low as 18 VDC and as high as 75 VDC. 

That flexibility often enables one DC/DC converter to serve in numerous applications. This can be quite useful to OEMs, as it allows them to characterize and stock fewer devices, lowering total manufacturing costs.


Older Members of the PRQ Line

CUI’s PRQ isolated DC/DC converter line includes two additional series, the PRQ75W-D and the PRQ100W-D. As the designations suggest, these units offer respective 75 W and 100 W outputs, but are otherwise similar to the new series.


CUI's PRQ75W-D and PRQ100W-D series. Image used courtesy of CUI


Per CUI Product Manager Zoe Rivero, the expansion of the PRQ line will provide engineers with yet more options to save time, money and open space in their designs, owing to its devices’ small form factors.


UL940V-0 and IEC 62368-1 Safety Standards

The two series meet the IEC 62368-1 standard, now mandatory for information technology and audiovisual equipment in many developed countries worldwide. This standard supersedes the previous IEC 60950-1 and IEC/UL 60065 standards that governed these spaces.

The new devices also satisfy standard UL 940V-0, which mandates that device plastics be subjected to a series of burning tests to assess flammability.



  • Outputs are trimmable: 100 to 110% for the 36 V model, and 90% to 110% for all others 
  • The converters feature one-minute, 2250 VDC input to output isolation
  • There is remote on/off control
  • Switching frequency is 250 kHz
  • No load current is 200 mA
  • Typical line regulation is ±0.2%
  • Typical 5% to 100% load regulation is ±0.5%
  • Protections include:
    - Overvoltage protection
    - Overcurrent protection
    - Short circuit protection
    - Overtemperature protection


Physical Considerations

  • All members of both new series are available in 2.43 x 1.58 x 0.5 DIP packages, measured sans the optional heatsinks and baseplates
  • The units weigh 89 grams alone, 109 grams with a baseplate, and 120 grams with a heatsink


Feature image used courtesy of CUI