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BELECTRIC Presents New 2.0 MegaWattBlock

June 12, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

BELECTRIC Technology GmbH announced the new 2.0 MegaWattBlock – a standardized plant unit with nominal power of 2,000 kWp, any number of which can be combined to create larger ground-mounted solar power plants. The standardized system design, intelligent grid stabilization technology and BELECTRIC’s many years of experience in plant engineering and construction make solar power generation more cost efficient and reliable than ever before.

From the very start, the aim of the BELECTRIC development team was to further decrease the average electricity production costs. Bernhard Beck, CEO of BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH, commented: "For us, the LCOE (Levelised Costs Of Electricity) are one of the most important factors on the energy market. A significant reduction in these costs opens up new opportunities and paves the way for the next generation of solar power plants. And that’s exactly what our new 2.0 MegaWattBlock stands for."

According to the company, this cost efficiency is achieved thanks to the highly standardized BELECTRIC system design with perfectly co-ordinated power plant components, which are produced for the most part in house. The special power plant inverter with direct 20kV medium voltage feed-in is tailored to application with thin-film modules. The dynamic reactive power control enables a significant increase in network stability. The entire design thereby explains the above-average system efficiency of the new BELECTRIC solar power plants.

"Power generation at these power plants can compete with offshore wind power. Our modular 2.0 MegaWattBlock enables us to customize the solution to match the customer’s power requirements. As the new power plant has been designed to be installed and operated in extreme environmental conditions, it can be deployed in any region of the world." Beck concluded.

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