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Automotive Adaptive Front Lighting Development Kit

March 12, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The AEKD-AFL001 from STMicroelectronics represents the complete logic and driving hardware for an adaptive front lighting system for prototyping, testing and development purposes. It consists of several AutoDevKit boards designed for motor vehicle application development featuring ST automotive-grade components.

The set includes two stepper motor control boards, a four-channel LED driver board, a control board with MCU, a connector board with a FAN switch board and another connector board for wiring configuration.

The STSW-AFL001 adaptive front lighting system firmware runs on the control board automotive-grade SPC5 Chorus MCU and allows independent control of all the function boards and their respective loads. The package also includes sample applications to help users familiarize themselves with the code more quickly.

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AutoDevKit adaptive front lighting system block diagram. (click on block diagram to enlarge)

You can also order a fully compatible demo motor vehicle front lighting assembly (AEKD-AFLLIGHT1) with LED lights, stepper motors and a fan to provide a complete adaptive front lighting tool for application and solution development purposes.

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Summary of Features

  • Combination of boards to create an automatic front light adjustment system (AFL)
  • Entire system controlled and monitored by MCU board
  • Fully compatible with AEKD-AFLLIGHT1 head light simulator available separately, with following loads:
    • two stepper motors for light projection angle adjustment (X and Y directions)
    • LED string currents for high beam, low beam, DRL and direction lights
    • a cooling fan
  • Includes STSW-AFL001 firmware ready to be flashed on control board SPC58 MCU with demo application software for independent control of above loads
  • Dedicated connector board for easy connection and disconnection of boards during testing and prototyping
  • Additional generic connector board facilitates connector pin reassignments and board stacking
  • WEEE and RoHS compliant
  • All ST components are qualified Automotive grade
  • All boards are packaged independently