New Industry Products

3-Phase, 200Vdc AC-DC Power Supply for 1kW Industrial Applications

January 16, 2020 by Paul Shepard

ABSOPULSE Electronics’ has released the HTH 1K-F6W, a 3-phase high voltage ac-dc power supply designed for 1000W industrial applications.  The unit operates from a three-phase line input of 400Vac (340- to 446-Vac range) and delivers a 200Vdc single output. Similar power supplies that operate from 380Vac or 480Vac 3-phase sources are also available on request.

The HTH 1K-F6W is typically used to power industrial applications such as dc motor control, battery charging, dc bus voltage for distributed systems and power servos.

Cooling by conduction via a heat-sinking surface and high quality internal fans provide sufficient cooling for operation over a 0°C to +50°C temperature range for full specification without derating.

The power supply is verified for 5600Vdc input to output isolation. Production level testing of 4300Vdc input to output isolates equipment from the supply and contributes to high reliability and long operating life of the unit.

Further electronic protection includes inrush current limiting, output current limiting with short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown in case of insufficient cooling and output over-voltage protection. The units are designed for compliance with EN/UL60950-1 and equivalent safety standards. Filtering on the input and output contributes to low output ripple and noise. The input meets EN55022 Class A with wide margins with Class B available as an option.

The power supply is ruggedized for resistance to shock and vibration and meets IEC 61373 Cat 1 A&B. Conformal coating ensures protection from humidity and airborne contaminants. Built on a single PCB, the power supply is low profile (65mm), light weight and delivers a 1kW cost-effective solution.