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3.5 Watt AC-DCs for Industry 4.0, IoT and Smart Home Applications

October 10, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Due to the success of the recently released RAC05-K/277 5W ac-dc series, RECOM now offers additional output options to this product series. The RAC3.5-K/277 versions supply up to 3.5W on the PCB, while the RAC05-K/277/W wired versions simplify installation.

The 3.5W and wired 5W modules add to RECOM's ac-dc portfolio, which offers some of the best price-performance modules on the market. They perform reliably in harsh environments at extreme temperatures from -40°C up to an impressive +90°C.

These multipurpose 3.5W ac-dc power supplies for enhanced mains input conditions from 85Vac up to 305Vac. These modules are designed to supply worldwide applications in automation, Industry 4.0, IoT, household and smart buildings. For worldwide use they come with international safety certifications for industrial, domestic and ITE as well as household standards. With fully protected outputs, as well as EMC class B emissions compliance without any external components, these are the easiest to use modular power solutions in the industry.

These series support peak power needs and are specially designed for extended input lines of up to 305Vac. EMC compliance to EN55022 class "B" is reached with a minimum 6dB margin on both radiated and conducted readings without the need for external components. These PCB-mount or wired modules feature fully protected outputs and international safety certifications.

These series with a 1" x 1.25" footprint also complement RECOM's most-compact RAC05-K converters with a 1"x1" footprint, as well as the recently released RAC05-K/480, an ac-dc module dedicated for phase-to-phase operation up to 528Vac. Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.