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15kV Diodes Handle 80mA with Trr of 80nS

November 11, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Dean Technology, Inc. announced the introduction of its new technology for high-voltage diode production - XOE™, eXtreme Optimized Efficiency. Using the same production line, raw materials, and achieving the same overall yield, diodes made with this technology offer dramatic upgrades in performance in devices of the same size (pictured above).

Diode performance is a delicate balance between many variables, each having a direct impact on the performance of the other. The high-voltage diode engineers at Dean Technology (DTI), through a multiple year research and development effort, discovered that by tightly controlling all of these variables and individually designing all elements of each diode it is possible to increase the overall performance beyond that of similarly sized products using the same raw materials.

The benefits of XOE include higher current capabilities, lower voltage drop, reduced heat dissipation, better breakdown immunity from transitions into the avalanche region, and enhanced reliability for end user products and a cost effective and easy migration path for existing circuit board platforms. DTI's new XGF15 axial lead 15kV high-voltage diode shows the significant improvements over the standard G15FS version.

"XOE shows our overall commitment to taking legacy products into the future. We wanted to meet customers continued demands for better performance and smaller sizes, but we didn't want to have to move into more exotic and expensive materials to accomplish it," said Pedro H. Gonzalez, technical product manager for the HVCA line at Dean Technology. "By going through the design of our high-voltage diodes step by step, and redesigning for the best possible efficiencies we are able to offer products that are an example of the future of the product type."

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DTI has many axial-lead high-voltage diodes built with XOE technology currently available, information is available for these products on the company's website. Additional parts will be introduced throughout the coming months including upgraded version of all of Dean Technology's current discrete diodes in both axial lead and surface mount configurations.

As with almost everything that the company produces, custom designs using the XOE technology are available to meet individual design need for all applications that require high voltage.

Through individually designing and producing high-voltage diodes with a focus on minimizing loss and maximizing efficiency, XOE technology offers upgraded performance from similarly sized devices using the same materials.