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Achieving True Verification of Interoperability in Worldwide EV Standards

April 07, 2021 by Keysight Technologies

White Paper Overview

Although the global diffusion of electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly increasing, there are still many divergent standards and practices found around the world. While China and some European countries have established EV policies, there are still several key standardizations and requests for improvements in EVs in order to further accelerate their ubiquity around the world. This includes an acceleration of charging speed, the extension of travel distance per charge, and increasing the number of charging stations around the world.

This white paper discusses how to test worldwide charging standards more efficiently, how to speed up the development cycle, and how to emulate different charging standards effectively with minimal equipment. Additionally, it provides a detailed look at creating typical charging use cases including man-in-the-middle test, EV test with EVSE emulation, and EVSE test with EV emulation.

This resource also explains why the true verification of interoperability includes:

  • Quantitative decision of charging status
  • Ease of debugging if charging was not successful in the field test
  • Testing threshold limits and creating error cases
  • Numerous combinations of EVs and charger types

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