5V 5-8amp psu


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Hi all,

Im new to the site. Ive been building a light stick used in lightpainting. It runs from 5Volt and i though I had this sussed but the device I got just cant manage it.

Im using 7.2volt lipo to supply power and currently used a ubec to convert to 5volt. At full brightness and all leds on it sucking upto 4-5 amps at 5volt. I after some ideas to build a psu that can talk say 6-12 volt in and provide a regulated 5volt at 5-8 amps.

Everything I can find seems to be 3amps max nnd after that seem to be mains input. Your help very much appreciated.


Why would you use a battery to power a Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit (had to Google that one)?

Give us more information on the type of LEDs being driven.

For 5-8 amps, you'll want to use a switching regulator. For 5V output for a 6-12V input, you'll need a buck boost configuration. If you want to go that route, Google it and come back with any questions.
The ubec is from the rc world and used to power the radio equipment from the up 23volt lipos they use for the motors. It was a quick option but is just not man enough.

The leds are the ws2812b rgb. building a pixel stick type thing. It had 288leds so with full white thats 3x 288 or each colour.

Does anyone have a link to some? Most I can find are 3 amp. A computer psu will require mains input and this is a portable unit hence needing dc-dc