Making my own high amp inverter psu


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I'm looking to build an inverter-type power supply.

I have built my own welder. And I'm quite handy working on electronics/ metal works.

I want to build a plasma cutter using an inverter power supply. Has anyone on here ever attempted this? Any suggestions before I dive in?
Not sure if i want to use 120v mains or 240v mains yet, but the power supply will need to output about 200 volts (open circuit) at around 40 amps, will be later developed to have variable current output.
I'm thinking I'll use an AVR to provide the PWM signal to drive the IGBT module.

I get the basics. But, what components determine the output power? How do i design the transformer? I need help in these areas.


An inverter takes DC voltage and converts it do AC. I don't think this is what you need is it?