Zilker Labs Enlists TLG Electronics in China

October 25, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Zilker Labs, Inc. announced that it has signed TLG Electronics, Ltd., as a distribution partner in China. TLG will complement the efforts of Zilker Labs' Asian subsidiary, Hong Kong-based Zilker Labs Asia, Ltd., to expand Zilker Labs' Chinese business. Specifically, TLG will focus on forging new customer relationships and providing applications support to developing programs.

"TLG takes a unique focus on generating product demand by providing technical support for challenging new designs," said Mr. Sandy Chan, Director of Asia-Pacific Sales at Zilker Labs. "We are excited to accelerate our business in China by leveraging the technical expertise and applications support of the team at TLG."

"In addition to functioning in the traditional distributor role, TLG also provides system solutions to support our customers' end product goals," said Hurman Cheung, CEO & General Manager of TLG. "We are pleased to add Zilker Labs' digital power ICs to our portfolio because digital power is becoming an important requirement in embedded electronic systems. Our focused applications support combined with the strength of Zilker Labs' industry-leading solutions will accelerate the adoption of digital power in China."